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2014 /Borderless (Haiku)

"A haiku is the expressions of a temporary enlightenment in which we see into see the life of things.

Whether, temporary or not, Basho gives in his seventeen syllables a significant intuition into reality".



I kept myself open to feeling as the Masters advised me at the Zen Centre in Sydney, Australia.

I was deeply inspired by the silence that exists beneath the Haiku’s skin.

The silence gave me the chance to get closer to the soul of objects -poetically.

This project responded to my initial feelings around objects and my reflections upon them, not only in seeking enlightenment (Saturi) but also through the study of connections and relationships between all things.

During this project, I experienced countless moments that were impossible to capture,

so I stopped shooting and just tried to feel the profound moments.

The distance between the objects and my camera allowed me to adjust the scale and form through space.

These photos have been taken in countries that I have lived in such as Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Iran.

Solo Exhibition
19 Jun - 07 Jul , 2015
Mah Art Gallery