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2013 /Sanction Action


For many years "SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN" was one the most familiar headlines in the news and media around the world.


"Sanction Action" is kind of alternative report around the latest sanctions against Iran.

For this project, I have followed a UFC fighter toy as the Sanction’s ambassador in Iran; in many different sites and contexts inside the country.

Group Exhibition
curator :Shay Mazloom
March 1 - 22 , 2013

From the curator:
We have experienced living in an era of exilic experiences, ranging from global to personal level. An era overloaded with fragmentation, estrangement and distance. Moving from familiar realms to foreign spaces, we have observed opposing poles of the world, and ourselves. More or less we feel in a state of duality, transience and ambiguity; a state of being estranged to ourselves, and to others. Transiting from one end to another, form one state to another, we observe the slippage between boundaries and opposing ends.

Artists represented in this exhibition have gone through a journey from within to another outer space, in an attempt to rediscover themselves. They have experienced being distant and observed themselves from distance. The selected artistic experiences challenge boundaries and have different approaches to investigate concepts such as presence and absence, inside and outside, east and west and self and other. Can we go beyond these binaries and glue our fragments together?

Shay Mazloom 2012
curated by Shay Mazloom