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2011 /Trace of lost moment


I was born when there was still seven years of war left.

My childhood was stolen by a crash between the good and the evil.

Many did not come back, having disappeared.

I still remember them - in these lost moments, in my childhood room, and during every moment in my life.

Although the Iran and Iraq war (1980-1988) ended 23 years ago from chronological point of view, I created this project by printing my family’s photo albums on a large scale and put them around some parts of this home, retaking them in absolute darkness with a night vision camera. This project responds to my nostalgic feelings around war which penetrate each moment of my current life; feelings of insecurity and trauma.

Solo Exhibition
curator :Shay Mazloom
December 21 – 26 , 2012
Sazmanb, Platform for Contemporary Art